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Team Heart & Soul Consultants:

Melissa A. Hanson

I'm from Southern California. I started selling LuLaRoe at the beginning of Feb. 2016. I'm married, with two boys, and furkids, and I guess I love to be busy! I'm an architect, have written 2 YA romance novels and am completely loving selling this amazing line of clothing. I love how comfortable they are, leggings and tops are my go to, but the skirts and dresses are also super comfortable and I feel like a lady! I've enjoyed all the great people I've met both consultants and customers on this new journey! 


I was first introduced to LuLaRoe when a fellow author gave me a pair of leggings at the beginning of Dec. 2015. I LOVED them, and was soon hitting up a family friend who had just started selling them. The rest is history. 

My Team:

Julie Mee

Courtney Gohn

Alicia ("Paige") Boggs

Nicole Muller

Brittany Povero

Whitney Sforza

Tonja Collazo

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